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A foundation of a house structure determines the stability and durability of the house. So, a stable and robust foundation should be laid first for safety and to ensure the house stays intact for as long as you live there. What do we mean? The foundation constructor you hire to build your home or business foundation plays a significant role in determining the results. Therefore, make sure the company you hire for this service understands their work. Suppose you live in Memphis and need professional and reputable foundation builders to hire to construct or repair your home foundation. In that case, Memphis Concrete Builders is the best company to hire.

We are a reputable concrete foundation service company specializing in building and repairing foundations in Memphis. Our company has been offering these services for more than 20 years, proving that we provide quality and durable services. We use the best concrete products to make sure the foundation we lay for any building is strong, will withstand all weather, and will last you for long. So, whether you are building a home or a commercial place that holds more than one house, we are the go-to company to hire. Our concrete foundation services are not limited to base construction only. Do you see some cracks in your home foundation, or do you feel the existing foundation for your new home is weak? Call us, and we will redo the work for you before the house is constructed on a weak foundation.

Residential concrete foundation services

We understand the different types of soils available in Memphis and thus, work towards building concrete foundations that will firmly hold onto these types of soils. Most of our customers are homeowners looking for a reputable company to build a good foundation for their house. Whether building a flat or just a tiny maisonnette, don’t hesitate to contact us for concrete foundation service. For residential services, we also provide repair services which include; mending cracks, stabilizing the foundation through steel peers, and others. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for the best Memphis Foundation Repair services.

Commercial concrete foundations services

With the best and most experienced constructors in our team and advanced working tools, there is no limit to the type of foundations we can build. We understand that commercial buildings are large and require extra concrete solid foundations to hold the multiple fleets of buildings. Still, commercial places like industries that use heavyweight plant machines need a strong foundation that cannot easily be shaken when these types of machinery are functioning. So, regardless of how large the building is, we will use suitable mixing materials and skills to construct a solid foundation to carry the building for many years.

Types of Foundation concrete services we build

T-shaped foundation

As the name states, this type of foundation is usually constructed in a T shape. The T-shape foundation is strong and stable as it extends away from the wall for additional support. It is recommendable for residential buildings.

Raft concrete foundation

Raft foundation is the most robust foundation, and it is recommendable for commercial places or when building flats. This type of foundation involves pouring a few slabs of concrete to build a thick, strong foundation that will carry the entire weight of the building.
concrete foundation
We are professional.

Our services are verified to be safe and secure for all residents of Memphis. So, whether you are looking for a professional Memphis Foundation Repair company, we are the one to contact. We also hold a certificate that authorizes us to provide foundation construction or repair services. We provide these documents to our customers to assure them of our services.

We are insured.

Suppose there is an accident or damage to your property while in the line of work; rest assured that you will not incur any extra cost to cater for the services. Our company is fully insured, and this includes our constructors as well.

You can check out our online catalog and some of the great work we have done before at our website; Also, contact us at (901) 808-8878 to get a quote or for consultations services that are offered for free.